Frequently Asked Questions

You need absolutely no downloads to start using LegalClock. It can be accessed by logging in to www.legalclock.com and all the features can be accessed online.
Yes, LegalClock works across a variety of browsers including Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Safari, Opera and much more.
LegalClock can be accessed with any device with an internet connection. It is supported on devices like Windows, iOS and Android smartphone and tablets.
Absolutely yes. We do provide licensing for you to install LegalClock on your own server. Please contact us at support@legalclock.com and we’ll discuss options based on your needs.
Once you have created a matter, go to timers and click on ‘Add new’ When you do so you will be asked to select the matter you wish to keep time for. Simply select your preference and the timer starts when you need it. You can edit and analyze the total time worked in the ‘my timing’ option.
Yes. With the search option you can easily find what you need among hundreds of matters by entering any parameter like client name, number and even date of the case.
You can upload documents in any format you wish to. This includes Word, PDF, Excel, CSV and a lot more.
Yes. LegalClock allows you generate reports for the time you spent on a case as well for particular expenses and even matters. You can choose to download these reports for free in a variety of formats.
LegalClock was designed to help you keep your practice as organized as possible. You can add legal assistants, secretaries and even administrative employees to help keep work updated.