New age practice management. No downloads, no fuss.

Instant reporting in a single glance

Get the latest update about what’s happening at one place. The Firm Feed allows you to keep a detailed eye on any changes made. If you are a team, collaboration is easier than ever. It lets you:
  • Quickly track a matter, the updates made and who made them.
  • See the new and previous version of a matter post change and restore with one click.
  • Access details of an update like new matter and clients, documents, notes, expenses etc.
  • Receive client, case and employee specific feed when you access their details.

LegalClock Instant reporting in a single glance

LegalClock Add and track matters separately

Add and track matters separately

Working on multiple cases is now a better organized affair. Log new matters for each client you represent and maintain a detailed record. But there’s more:
  • Add details like the original, billing and coordinating attorney for a client.
  • Record the status of a matter as open, pending or closed.
  • Choose the type of billing like fixed and hourly right when registering a matter.
  • Access matter specific info with a few clicks.

Expenses in your control
Select a matter and assign the expenses for accurate billing. Add the type of expenditure and bills you incurred for a highly specific expense report for each matter.
Centralized management of Client Information
Keep your clients sorted with a centralized data base. Add new client information and track a specific client’s case. Also, view linked bills, reports, documents and expenses for each client.

Accurate time keeping anywhere

Keep time for every moment of your billed hours. Add a new timer for a matter and edit it on the go. You can access your timer from any device like Android, iOS and much more. Multi-Platform You can also add files and documents to show for your time. It works across a variety of browsers so you are never out of touch when maintaining a record of your hours.
LegalClock Accurate time keeping anywhere

Keep a tab on all your expenses
Maintain all expenses in a detailed format. The section allows you to even upload bills and receipts to keep a thorough account of your expenses.
Access documents on the go
Manage your cases better by attaching important documents and files. You can also upload and view documents linked to each matter.

Create notes to help you remember or note down important details about a matter for your team to see. This makes coordinating a fast and efficient affair.
Work remotely even with a large team
It is easy to add employees to your team and work remotely. Monthly subscriptions let you add or remove employees according to need.
Also, assign a separate username and classify employees according to their department and employment type.

Create separate log ins for each employee which acts as a complete database for an employees work information. From billed hours on a case to expenses, track every little action without fail.

Keep a tab on all your expenses
Access documents on the go
Work remotely even with a large team

Generate Report

Generate matter, employee and expenses specific details. Now manage your practice with research and analysis about your current work load. Choose from PDF, Word, Excel and CSV formats for record keeping.

By accessing matter specific reports you are able to view everything from the representation details to the date of opening and closing of a matter.

The employee report generation makes team review easy by incorporating the most important details about individual performance.

With expense specific reports it is easy to analyze and maintain a record of particular expense. This not only helps in maintaining details but also undertaking cost effective measures for a certain expense.